Software and apps for efficient cleaning of buildings

Cleaning companies may work in many locations and undertake different types of tasks. However the challenges they face are always the same: Maintaining high-quality standards while keeping costs low, varied work hours due to fluctuating work schedules and high training costs. In order to remain highly profitable while operating within these restrictions, digitally supported workflows are a key factor for cleaning companies.
ginstr has developed ten apps for the various types of cleaning jobs that a cleaner may face. This, combined with a secure cloud storage solution and an analysis platform in the form of online web portal means ginstr has developed a complete digital end-to-end solution that helps your cleaning business increase your operational efficiency while reducing planning and administrative efforts. This increases your profitability, helping you tackle the many challenges faced in this industry.
Over a span of only two weeks, we can develop a highly customized solution by tailoring our apps and software to your exact requirements that need minimal training time, all for a one time fixed price of EUR 790.

How can your cleaning company benefit from us?

  • Reduce errors and accelerate administrative processes with clearly specified task lists.
  • Eliminate missing work reports and prevent incorrect completion of the same.
  • Enjoy tamper-proof time recording with NFC technology that is 100% accurate.
  • Spend less time training employees and reduce costs with the help of tasks presented in the form of simplified and easy to understand pictograms.
  • See deviations from cleaning plans immediately, with the help of cleaning reports that update in real-time.
  • Budget accurately by quickly comparing planned costs and actual costs. Optimize your costing plan per room, area, employees etc.
  • Eliminate manual data capture and processing of work reports and reduce administrative overheads.
  • Quickly allocate substitute staff, for example, in the case of illness or absence.
  • Enjoy significant reductions in costs and time spent on administrative tasks.
Digitize Administrative Processes

A ginstr app for every cleaning job

Whether you are a company offering many cleaning services or performing hygiene checks in administrative buildings, hospitals, hotel industry, catering or just a firm offering cleaning of windows and toilets, ginstr has the right cleaning app for you. We can also develop a customized solution tailored to the unique needs of your cleaning company to help you achieve your business goals:


Efficient and profitable building cleaning
with our Emma Cleaning app

Emma building cleaning is a powerful app that lets cleaning companies optimize their workflows. This app allows firms to define bills of quantities for each room, identify deviations from cleaning plans when cleaning and excessive expenses in rooms, areas or buildings. Analyse costs and profit margins per room, object or employee and increase profitability by making informed decisions as a result. Reduce training costs for new employees and avoid language barriers with the help of easy – to – use pictograms that allow employees to be fully operational in a short amount of time. Foster a sense of transparency by creating daily routines that let you know what to services expect from your employees. This allows you to deliver cleaning that is of a very high quality, letting your customers and employees enjoy a high degree of satisfaction with the work completed.


Transparent proof of performance during toilet cleaning tasks
with the Toilet Cleaning Checklist app

Record performance data and working hours of your cleaners with the help of NFC tags which are fraud proof. Simply scan the NFC tag, complete the cleaning tasks, and scan the NFC tag again to record a completed task. This method makes performance tracking extremely simple and secure, allowing you to document cleaning performance in a transparent and verifiable way. Our app empowers businesses by letting them document their tasks in a detailed manner. Work processes are easily optimized as result of easy-to-understand pictograms and a step by step guide for pre-planned tasks. Any damages, defects or missing consumables are immediately reported to the employee in charge. This allows you to react promptly, while letting you keep the quality of your cleaning consistent.


Efficient hospital bed cleaning
using our Hospital Bed Inventory Tracker app

Our Hospital Bed Inventory Tracker app is widely used by clinics and hospitals to optimize their bed management operations. Each bed is equipped with a sturdy NFC tag that lets staff track movement of their beds in real time. This lets them see when a bed has been shifted to another room in the hospital, or sent to the cleaning department or to the workshop. The app lets hospital staff record the condition of their beds. For eg, damages to a bed can be recorded easily. The app also lets you record whether a bed is occupied or needs to be cleaned and disinfected. Our online software, known as ginstr web greatly augments this process by allowing you to search or filter beds by status, greatly simplifying the process of bed scheduling and optimizing hospital operations as a result.

Use ginstr apps to eliminate errors in data

Record time
Leverage NFC
Create Checklists
Create Reports

No matter which cleaning apps you use, all of our apps are made up of a variety of proven and popular items that help capture your cleaning data easily, quickly and accurately. Most of our apps use NFC technology to capture location, date, time and personal or property data. This eliminates the most common source of errors – errors due to manual data entry. Enjoy 100% accurate and reliable data as result. To get an overview of all the functions of our cleaning apps, ginstr cloud or ginstr web software, please go here.

Bolster your growth with cleaning software tailor made for your business needs

We work with you to determine the exact needs and requirements for your business in order to develop a tailor-made solution that will help you achieve your business goal. We include the following in our one-time fee:

  • Customized app design integrated with your company’s colors and logo
  • Generate an unlimited number of forms, records, tables etc
  • Backup all data safely to ginstr cloud
  • A simplified portal to conduct data analysis quickly and easily
  • Enjoy complimentary customer service with a dedicated customer service agent for your company included in the one-time fee of 790 Euros.

Customized software solution tailored to your exact business needs

One-time fee of 790 EUR

Monthly usage fee per user

25 EUR

One-time license fee per device

50 EUR