CAFM: Software and apps for efficient facility management

With over 30 different apps, for all areas of property management, a secure cloud solution and a powerful facility management software, ginstr offers a complete solution for you to digitize your facility management tasks in as little as two weeks. Dedicate minimal training time for your employees and enjoy low costs of implementation. Benefit from efficient workflows and noticeably increased data transparency as a result of the verifiable data that is captured accurately and reliably.

How we empower facility managers

  • Digital work reports and checklists increase the efficiency of your work processes. Eg: Simplifying the process of renting out an apartment to a tenant.
  • Eliminate false meter readings or incorrect system numbers thanks to a built-in plausibility check.
  • Experience reliable positioning of objects and people using GPS coordinates, NFC timestamps, and user credentials.
  • Enjoy real-time updates on all managed properties. For instance, immediately respond in case of damage or defects.
  • Easily exchange data between customers, employees and technicians with our Computer Aided Facility Management or CAFM software called ginstr web.
  • Enjoy more efficient accounting and faster billing for employees, inspectors, customers, and retailers.
Optimise Facility Management

Always the right app and CAFM software for the job

Whether you are renting out your property, recording meter readings, logging craftsmen and janitorial activities or maintaining your technical equipment, ginstr has the right facility management software and app for every task. In case there is a business goal that cannot be achieved by our existing apps, we have a talented team who can develop a custom application to suit your exact needs.
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Log janitorial activities:

What repairs did your caretaker make last month? How much time did it take for each task to be completed? Which materials were used? With the Caretaker Report app from ginstr, you gain complete transparency and awareness about all janitorial activities performed.

NFC scans or positioning via GPS provides you with reliable information on the location of your employees at a particular point in time. This information can be crucial in the event of accidents, damages or other issues concerning liability.  The minute-exact time recording and the ability to allocate cost by object further simplify the process of billing additional costs. The ability to exchange data and work reports with clients and service providers inculcates a sense of trust that sustainably strengthens your business relationships.


Collect meter readings
accurately and efficiently:

Property managers have their electricity meters read several times a year. Often, this is done by entering the readings by hand onto paper forms, then manually transferring this information onto excel lists. This is then locally managed and further processed. This process is inherently error-prone, time-consuming, often requiring considerable corrections to be made after the recording process is complete.

ginstr has developed two apps that digitize this process. These accelerate the process of recording the readings resulting in significant improvements in the quality of data. The Electric Meter Reading app for example, allows meter reading in smaller properties while the Electric Meter Cabinet Reading app allows reading in properties with several meter boxes having several electricity meters in one room.

There are three key advantages they provide: safe identification of electric meters via NFC scan, multiple plausibility checks for the recorded meter readings during data input, and a reliable database for revisions. The result – fast and 100% accurate meter readings, immediate access to the recorded data for further processing with ginstr web, and faster processing of costs for billing purposes. Large property management companies such as Berliner GSG (Gewerbeseidlungs-Gesellschaft mbH) have been recording their meter readings successfully for many years with our solution.


Document apartment transfers
efficiently and easily:

It is not uncommon for property managers to rent several hundred apartments a year to tenants. In case of a dispute, it is crucial to have a record of details such as the condition of the property, number of keys and counter readings as part of the transfer process.

Our Flat Handover Checklist app simplifies and accelerates this process. Not only does it accelerate the apartment handover process, it also allows you to easily document all relevant data without any interruption. The app guides your employees through every step of the handover process and ensures all property details are fully documented. Furthermore, the inspection and handover process must be finalised via a digital signature, entered on the app.
Compare the condition of your property before and after its vacancy by referring to records documented during the move in process. Take photos to record deviations and damages, directly within the app.
Manage your transfer process securely and transparently on ginstr web, our CAFM software. There are 5 important benefits to this: Real time updates on all apartment transfers, immediate processing of the data with ginstr web, shorter training times for your employees, a higher quality of data collected and a more efficient apartment transfer process.

How ginstr makes managing facilities easier

Record time
Leverage NFC
Create Checklists
Track Location
Use one or more of our facility management apps to digitize several tasks on site. Most of our facility management apps use NFC technology to track location, date, time, personnel or property data. This eliminates the most common source of error – human error caused due to manual data entry. This lets you record 100% accurate and reliable data, always. To know more about the functions and features of our facility management apps, ginstr cloud and ginstr web software, please click here.

Tailor-made facility management software and apps

We work with you to understand your business needs and adapt the functionalities of our apps and CAFM software to fulfill your unique business requirements. Some of the ways we empower your business:

  • Enjoy a customized app design with your company color scheme and logo!
  • Generate an unlimited number of forms, records, tables etc!
  • Automatic backups and storage of all data in ginstr cloud
  • Conduct simple and fast data analysis with our CAFM software, ginstr web
  • Enjoy complimentary customer support and a dedicated service agent for your company included in our one-time fee.

Build a customized app tailored to your exact business needs

One time fee of 1490 EUR

Monthly usage fee per user

25 EUR

One-time license fee per device

50 EUR
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